Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hive 5 - June

Patricia requested the X and + block which I love to use for scraps.  The one type of fabric I am low on is florals - the feature fabric she asked for.  Usually I would run out and shop, but I'm trying  to save not spend, so I scrounged my stash until I found four different florals for one complete block.  

Oops!  Missed a few strings before the photo session!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 Hello Hive 5
     Patti I had fun looking in my stash for flowers (turns out I don't have very many) thank goodness for a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler.  Hope you like the Block.
Have a great week. 

Block for Hive 6

Thank you for such an easy BIG block to make!  If I wasn't in the middle of moving and packing up my sewing space, I would have made two of these.   Hope you like it!

June Hive 2 Orange Peels for Lisa!

Lisa - these applique orange peels were a lot of fun, not to mention quick and easy!  Thanks again for stepping up to be June queen at the last minute! These will go in the mail soon.
Happy quilting!

Pineapple for Hive 4

I finished the pineapple for Alison.  I happen to love my yellow scraps, so this was especially fun to make.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hive 7 June

I have some pretty little hearts for our hive momma!  Hope you like them - they go in the mail tomorrow and have a long trip ahead of them.  One is specially made to remind you of me - it has Texas shaped herringbone!

Hive 2 blocks for Lisa

I've never done appliqué before at all, so this was a new adventure. Fortunately it was totally doable!  Except for my challenges due to my inability to read thoroughly.  Your blocks should be in the mail by this weekend.   Your quilt will be lovely.

Thanks for the challenge!


Monday, June 19, 2017

These two Big Nines will go in the mail tomorrow. Thank you, Paulette, for this 'modern' block. I have several leftover floral nine patches and now I have a plan for using them.  I will make a donation quilt for my guild - I've already auditioned some fabric choices to make the BIG part!


June Hive 3 Block for Rose

What a great block, Rose!

I had lots of fun pulling out and choosing the different fabrics - no repeats!

It went in the mail today, so you'll have it by the end of the week!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

June Pineapple for Alison

I was in Hive 4 last year with Alison, and I loved this block so much I made 48 to make a quilt for my aunt who is the most hospitable person I know.  The Pineapple is the symbol for hospitality.  Sorry about the shadows on my picture.  I'm at my lake house on a rainy day trying to figure out camera lighting and not being too successful.  Now off to carve a Pineapple for a sweet treat!  Thank you, Alison, for such fun, and congratulations on your feature.

June Hive 4 Queen Alison Pineapple Block

Alison Little Bunny,

Here are your fun pineapple blocks.  They make me think of summer and sunshine, especially since we have loads of both here in Texas right now.  I will put these in the mail tomorrow, along with my May blocks, which are late.  Back from NY now this weekend and luxuriating in being home again.  Hope you like these and they work well with your others.  Patty

Orange Peel Block for Lisa (Hive 2)

Finished up Lisa's orange peel block last night. I had heard about this interfacing technique but never tried it. Thanks, Lisa, for the opportunity. It took me a couple of tries to get it right, as the first time I sewed the fusible side of the interfacing the wrong way and then discovered the template printed the wrong size. Definitely not functioning on all cylinders last night - but I got there. This is a fun and quick project.

Hope you like it! Can't wait to see if all together. What a bright and happy quilt this will be. I'll try to get the block in the mail tomorrow.


Hive 1 Block for Alanna

Hello Alanna,  Diane G here with your block for June.  I'm usually a precision piecer, but somehow I cut according to your oversized pieces and then I had to do the trimming down step.  It all worked out fine for the size.  Hope you like the colors.  Enjoy !!

Patti's Block for Hive 5 JUNE

Hive 5 June Block for Patti

I have to say I was daunted by the specifics of the fabric pull. Raspberry, Teal no problem but florals - tricky. This really is a MAGNIFICENT block and I really LOVED making it. 
So I made one with spots.
Then I thought how about some Tula so I made this one.
Then I thought some Raspberry stripes???
And I made three by then so I had to make four to see what the block would look like.
They're on there way to you from little old New Zealand.
Miss September Anna :)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Blocks for Rebecca Hive 7

Here are my blocks for Rebecca. They were sent on 6/12. Hope she receives them soon.
These were very easy to do.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blocks for Lisa in Hive 2

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for jumping in so fast and putting your tutorial together and posting it.  I made your blocks today and enjoyed picking out the fabrics and I found it easy to make. Tutorial was clear and easy to follow. I love the colors and think this will look so good when all done. Can't wait to see it. Love the black and white backgrounds.  Hope you like.

Until next month.

Hive 7 for Rebecca on the other side of the World

My dear friend Rebecca was the hive queen this month and asked for these adorable log cabin style heart blocks in yellow and pink. It so happens that the SoScrapy color is also yellow this month so I pulled some strings out and whipped her up a couple that I know will make her smile. 

Next month, it's my turn as queen and i look forward to finalizing my selection and seeing what all you guys create. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Hive 2 Blocks for Lisa

Lisa requested these orange peel blocks for June! I absolutely loved this technique and can't believe that peel actually fit into an 8.5 inch square. I have added this quilt on my to do list and am so excited to see what your top will look like completed!! These were so fun to do!! Thanks for a truly enjoyable time. 

June Blocks for Paulette, Hive 6

These came together pretty quickly. They will go in the mail on Thursday.
Lori in PEI

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hive 4 Pineapple block

Dear Queen Alison,
Here as requested a friendly pineapple block. I am looking forward to see your sea of pineapples all together at some point.

I mailed the block on: to be updated

Hive 4 crash

Alison said crashes were welcome so I did.  This was fun and will look so cheerful when completed.

Hive 8 June Blocks for Jennifer

Jennifer's string blocks were so quick and easy I made two! I did not square up to 10", leaving a 1/4"  as I have to admit I'm not the best at squaring up 😕. I hope you like them.  It worked out so well since I had a bag of arrow pieces leftover from my February block so I only had to grab a few extra pieces.  In the mail to you today😃


Flying Geese for Alanna Hive 1

This Laurel Birch leaf print seemed perfect for Alanna’s request for this month. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hive 2 - June Tutorial

Hi All,
I'm moving up in the schedule since we had our June Queen drop out, so I wanted to find something quickly to get us all sewing our blocks again.  Last year I was in Stash Bee Hive 8 and made an Orange Peel Block for Renea but also made one for myself.  It has been an orphan too long and that  is where all of you can help!  I'm going to use basically the same tutorial with some coaching and pictures for fabric selection.

This method of doing the Orange Peel Block is using fusible and you applique the peel which I thought was easier than sewing the curves. 

Background fabric should be white with black print but read more white than black.  My preference is to have 4 different white/black prints, no cream.  You can use all of the same print if that's all you have.  An alternate would be white/Grey print if you don't have any white/black.

Petal fabrics are 1-Orange, 1-Aqua/Teal, 1-Lime Green, and 1-Pink. If you don't have these specific colors go for the nearest in that color range like a light blue if you don't have Aqua/Teal.  Fabric colors should be bright with more on the white tint side rather than dark, muddy black/shade type colors.

This block uses a template and finishes at 16" (16.5" unfinished).  The link to the Crazy Old Ladies Quilts Tutorial will give you all the steps for the process but please use the measurements below for the sizes to cut the fabrics. 

Please use the measurements and templates that I have listed below:

(4) 8.5" squares of white fabric with a black print
(4) 'peels' using the template + seam allowance- colors listed above - (prints or solids)
(4) 'peels'  using the template + seam allowance- made of fusible interfacing

Please top stitch the peels down by using a straight stitch approximately 1/4" in from edge of the peel. You can do the top stich as you finish each peel or do them all at the end once the 4 patch is all sewn together.
It will seem like the template won't fit onto the background square but it does exactly fit to just 1/4" from the corners.  It was really helpful when I made mine to draw a corner a 1/4" from the edge so that I could make sure the peel was in just the right spot as there is only a 1/4" seam allowance.

'Peel' Template- Make sure to check that it is printing at the correct size by measuring the 1" box

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts' Tutorial

I look forward to seeing what fabrics you all use and having your blocks join mine in a super cute quilt!

Hi Patti, I have finished your blocks and am keen to post but you have not put your address up in the Address and Information Sheet. I have tried to email you but the email address you supplied bounced back :( 
When you get a chance could you pop it up?
Miss September - anna

Saturday, June 10, 2017

These squares were so easy to make.  The white on the first one looks more white with silver in real life.  The red bordered one is admittedly a smidgeon smaller.  I took it apart, resewed and did not improve on it but sent it just in case you can use it.  They went out in the mail two days ago.  I'm having network problems.  I'm learning I need to start making my cuts larger and to square the units.  I'm not sure why I'm struggling with a dead on accurate 1/4" right now.  Hopefully it is just a matter of my eyes adjusting to the surgeries I've had on them this year.

Mary Ann H.

Friday, June 9, 2017

June Hive 5 Blocks for Patti

I like this block, in fact, I picked this for my Stash Bee block last year! I did have a hard time finding bright florals. Hope these work.

Patti, you need to tell us your two truths and a lie. (And can't find your mailing address, can you send it in private message or add it to the google document, thanks)

This was the most delightful block to make.  My friend entitled it Night into Day with the Earth fully alive.  Thank you Rose for sharing this block with us.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Crashing Hive 8 - June block

For Jennifer.  A string quilt sounds perfect for lake house.  I grew up in Connecticut, the upper portion of rte 8 is quite pretty.

Hive 5 - June block for Patti

What's that, Amy Butler prints? I just may have a few or 50, who's counting.  Anyway, hope you like these.  I was happy to finally give this block a try, so pretty.

The block on the left really is hot pink, not red.

June Stash bee Hive 3 block for Rose

Love the colors Rose picked.  Not what I consider a fast block, but it was fun.  It should be really interesting when she gets all the colors and directions on these geese.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pineapples for Alison Hive 4

Alison asked for pineapples.  These are so cute and fun to make  Enjoy

Happy sewing,


June Hive 7 Blocks for Rebecca

Remember when I said that paper piecing makes my heart race in fear?  Last month I took the path of least resistance (and pressure) and traded with Karen for our hive blocks.  When Rebecca's pattern appeared, I knew the universe was telling me that I need to learn how to paper piece.  No more avoiding this.  I watched the Modern Quilt Guild's paper piecing webinar (very helpful) and proceeded to still make many mistakes.  However, the good news is that there were fewer and fewer mistakes as I worked on the third and fourth blocks.

Here they are . . . 

I love to see pics of Rebecca and her daughter's new kitten.  He's beyond adorable.  And then there are my lovable cats, one of whom decided to nosh on Rebecca's envelope while my back was turned.

Fortunately the guilty cat didn't eat into the blocks.  

They were mailed in a brand new envelope today.  Safe travels across the ocean.

aka Kitch Kouture