Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hive 9 August block for Heather

Here's my August wonky pinwheel block for Heather:

Hope you like the colors.  I can't wait to see your finished quilt!


Hive 9 August Block for Heather

Heather had us make this wonky block using our scraps.

Hope you can use this block.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hive 5 August Improve block for MJ.

MJ requested a block with beach/ocean themed colors in an improvy fashion. I just began cutting and sewing and came up with this. I hope it will play well with the rest. It was fun to make with no rules , just create as you go.  

Hive 7 - August Block for Mary

Sorry for the delay.  Had to "borrow" some teal from a friend.

August Block - Tic Tac Toe - For Stephanie

An easy block for a busy and hot month....These colors will make a beautiful quilt....

Its on its way tomorrow!!!

Hive #1 August block

There is a heatwave coming to our country :-(

I had to make the block today, otherwise the rest of the week will be too hot 
and I don't do hot too well.... :-)

Thanks Stephanie for this easy but lovely block!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Gelb und Grau

It appears I remember >< much high school German.  Carmit's block is done and will be off to Germany later this week.  My kid goes back to school tomorrow so I can go. to. the. post. office. alone.  Woohoo!

August Hive 8 Block for Lee

When I first started making this block, I found the angles a bit challenging...

Trying to figure out how to flip the pieces and still have the right size square!  After the first couple I got the hang of it but decided to do them larger and trim down.

That seemed to be a bit of waste but I much preferred having plenty of room to work with and options on where I wanted to trim to make the squares.

So here it is all finished and on it's way! 

I so enjoyed putting this together that I made enough additional squares for the center of a small quilt that I'll add some borders to and back for a gift.

As far as fabric lines... there are so many that I see and would love to buy but I'm really trying to use my stash and I've found that just as sure as I think I must have that line... another one comes along that's just as pretty.

Lisa M.

Hive 3 August Block for Sandy

Two blocks for Sandy's quilt.  These were quick and went together so easily - a perfect block for August.  It's in the mail tomorrow.  I know Sandy wanted bright colors so I hope these play well with the other blocks.
Looking forward to seeing the end result.

August Hive 9

Fun and easy little block!  Love anything that gets me into my scrap bin - have you noticed that they are like a bowl of rice - they never, ever go away!  No matter how many scraps you use.  So I was really happy to pick some pretties!  My most recent quilts have used a lot of navy and that was at the top of the bin so I had to keep putting it back.  But I like the pieces that ultimately ended up in the block, hope you do, too!

Going in the mail today!